Donatello (1386-1466) Renaissance

Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi, universally known as Donatello, was born in Florence around 1386 and died there in 1466. The powerful expressivity of his art made him the greatest sculptor of the early Renaissance. Donatello influenced Italian sculptors, notably Michelangelo, well into the sixteenth century.Masterpieces from the first phases of his career include the…Read more Donatello (1386-1466) Renaissance


Presentation: George Washington and Princesse de Broglie

         In the met, I visited the art piece, George Washington by Adolf Ulrik Wertmuller. Adolf was a painter from Stockholm, Sweden born in 1751 and traveled all over Europe studying art under  Alexander Roslin and  Joseph-Marie Vien while commissioning works such as George Washington and a portrait of Marie Antoinette. His work usually incorporates pastels and realistic body…Read more Presentation: George Washington and Princesse de Broglie