Final Exam Details (Due Aug 2)

Below please find the assignment, or you can download it. Final Exam: Issue/theme and question: 20% Museum tour with intro, discussion of 5 artworks, and conclusion: 80%   Remember that scavenger hunt we did at the Met in the beginning of this course? Now it’s your turn.   Introduce someone to this course by taking…Read more Final Exam Details (Due Aug 2)


Sample Presentation: The avant-garde and art of the Other

Artists of the avant-garde were dedicated to pushing the boundaries of representation: they continued to pursue experiments in different types of representation that had been moving away from the illusionism and perspective of the Renaissance that had been taking place over the course of the 19th century. In their pursuit of this goal, artists like…Read more Sample Presentation: The avant-garde and art of the Other

Artist Presentation Details and Description

Each student must present on two artists whose work they have encountered in person, with preference for works found on our museum visits. Choose one artist/work before 1800 and one artist after 1800. Presentations should include: Biographical information about the artist, including when they lived, where they lived, and what style or movements they were…Read more Artist Presentation Details and Description